Jorge Andreu Calatayud

IT Engineer

Hi, My name is Jorge Andreu Calatayud and sorry for my English. I’m an IT Engineer. I studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, with University of Wales.


January 23, 2020

Hi everyone. Let’s start again. As you can see, I am back again, I’ve never been really focused on this blog but I think I need to get focused on my things. I have been working a lot the last few months and I realised noone is going to say thanks for working hard. I love to work and I don’t mind spending lots of hours working but, like everyone, I want to hear nice words sometimes. I am still working because I love it and every day I learn something new but I am working with really old technologies and I want to work with new technologies and learn more things. So I am going to focus on researching and developing my applications.

Well I’m going to start by telling you what I’m going to be doing with this blog, because it has been stopped for a while. As I’m developing applications and all that kind of thing and I want to do it well, I’ll start with the basic things.

Firstly, I am setting up my development environments for my applications, so the next posts are about that. After that, I’m going to start with some posts about Spring and Java, and I think I’m going to create a few about databases, but I’m not sure about that, maybe I will change it for ORM posts, or maybe both I don’t know. The last thing will be how to run the application on the server, I want to do it in a different way, I don’t know how to do it correctly, for that reason I am doing the research. I think… I might post once a week or once every ten days. I don’t know, but at least once every two weeks.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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