Jorge Andreu Calatayud

IT Engineer

Hi, My name is Jorge Andreu Calatayud and sorry for my English. I’m an IT Engineer. I studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, with University of Wales.

From Mid Level Java Developer to SRE

April 13, 2020

To whom it may concern,

I’ve decided to change my way in my career… Two months ago I started to work as an SRE. Yep SRE. I’ve paused my Java Developer career to be an SRE, these are the reasons why I did that.

I think I have to explain one thing… I started working at Crunch 11 months ago. This was my first job in the UK and believe me my English was awful, I thought I knew how to speak and how to explain things… until I started to work… I’m really glad I had a senior with a lot of patience with me when I was trying to explain myself.

After a few months doing some spring boot microservices and enjoying my job as much as I could, we started to create a few new services, and we started to see some problems. That’s when my mind started to search for new features in Java, spring boot and in all the technologies that we have, trying to find out why it wasn’t working correctly.

I brought some changes which were listened to and after that declined. After a few months I brought one which some people were really keen on, and at the moment, the results are quite good. We’ll see after the testing section if we’re going to push them and use it, or if we are going to revert it. However, this change didn’t happen until I changed to SRE, where I’m in a section of the company that is open to make some changes or at least test them, analyse them and if we are getting better results than what we had before, use the new one.

I do really like how the change looks because it seems like we are going to keep it because we can see a few improvements in the system with this change.

I’m really enjoying working here now again because I’m learning so many things now, I don’t want to stop. I think my goal of knowing more about everything related to cloud & microservices and where the limit is between SRE/DevOps/SysAdmin and Architecture. That’s one thing that I saw as like a grey area between those things and now I can see it clearly.

New days are coming, I’m looking forward to them.

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