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How to Install Jenkins

In this post I’m going to try to explain what Jenkins is, why we use it, how to install it in Debain and how to use it. Everyone is going to say… oh no! Another boring post about it. I’ll tell them just maybe or maybe not. Find out for yourself. Firstly, I have to say this post is all my notes about my research about Jenkins, therefore, it could be a bit different than other websites, or just wrong! So if you see something wrong, just tell me about it.



Hi everyone. Let’s start again. As you can see, I am back again, I’ve never been really focused on this blog but I think I need to get focused on my things. I have been working a lot the last few months and I realised noone is going to say thanks for working hard. I love to work and I don’t mind spending lots of hours working but, like everyone, I want to hear nice words sometimes.  I am still working because I love it and every day I learn something new but I am working…

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Promises in Angular 6

In this post you will learn about promises in Angular, which I think is a really interesting thing because you really need to know about it when you implement an API in your project and you want to have control of your application and not be crossing your fingers hoping that everything works properly.

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Summary About OAuth2

I know the most of you know what is OAuth2 but some people who is starting in this ‘world’  can be a bit lost in this. So I have tried to prepare a little post which summarizes all the documentation and be a fast read for everyone. Let’s go to start.

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Crack StarUML v2.8

StarUml is a great piece of software and if you are going to use it everyday because you work in a business or you have your own startup or something like that, you need to buy the licence. This is just if you need to use it for a short time and you need to work fast. I’ll start from beginning, I had a lot of problems while I was studying at University and one of them was that I could never get a free key for some programs. The first program which I needed to…

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Maria DB Server on Debian Jessie

As Database server, I chose MariaDB instead of MySQL because it is a database management system (DBMS) that has emerged from the derivation of MySQL with GNU GPL (GNU General Public License), in Spanish Free Software License. This license guarantees freedom of use. In fact, it gives you the freedom to study the software, update it and share it with other users.