Jorge Andreu Calatayud

IT Engineer

Hi, My name is Jorge Andreu Calatayud and sorry for my English. I’m an IT Engineer. I studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, with University of Wales.

About This Site

January 20, 2020

Hi everybody.

This is the website, I was created a few years ago but my owner tried to update a few things and he lost all my posts because he didn’t do any backups! It’s awful isn’t it?

Now he is trying to fix it by writing more posts but I feel a bit empty and he has promised me lots of things, but the most important is that he is going to create more posts, and it seems like he is. He is still planning to just create posts about his thoughts and interesting things about developing and servers, but mostly about developing.

I’m going to give him a chance but I think he needs to start doing more things about other stuff like creating a post each week because I think he needs to improve his English a lot.

I hope to see you again soon around here!

Cheers for reading me

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