About Me


My name is Jorge Andreu Calatayud and sorry for my English. I’m a developer. I studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology,  with  University of Wales. I worked as Java developer for 5 years in Zaragoza, Spain where I was born and currently I am working in CE-Crunch Ltd.

I like the information technology since I was a baby. Now that I have grow up, I love it because I learn new knowledges every day. I bought a virtual server 2 years ago. Since then I used for developing my projects and testing new knowledges, I use this server for hosting my website, developing my projects and my projects now.

Don’t believe that I stay in home all time. I like do cycling and play basketball with my friends. I did surf, football, rugby, tennis, paddle tennis and much others.

In this web site I’ll post about my knowledges, and somethings with I’ll discover. I won’t post all days because it’s a impossible something for me in this moment because I have to a lot of stuff and I don’t have enough time.

See you soon.