Jorge Andreu

Site Reliability Engineer


A highly motivated individual who is confident in leading, working with a team, learning quickly and adapting to any situation. A software developer with 9 years of experience who enjoys the energy and the intensity that is associated with the world of technology.

Work Experience

Site Reliability Engineer

Crunch | 2020 – Present

Crunch is a medium-sized business whose main product is an accounting software. In this business I was given the opportunity to work as a Site Reliability Engineer and I took it. The role says Site Reliability Engineer but I also do devops and sysadmin work.

  • I have migrated the cluster from helm 2 to helm 3 without downtime
  • We were using Landscaper and we have changed it to helmfile
  • I am working on implementing Istio in our Clusters

Java Developer

Crunch | 2019 – 2020

Crunch is a medium-sized business whose main product is an accounting software.

  • We migrated the old security system to Java Services
  • We were using a Spring Boot services in cluster but the Software System is based in docker

Senior Java Developer

Exis-TI (Indra) | 2018-2019

I was hired by Exis-TI for working in Indra. Indra is a big business which has a lot of branches around the world.

  • I was working in a project for the Ministry of Agriculture of Cataluña. In this project, we were using Spring, Oracle SQL, AngularJS. My role in this project was Full Stack. I have to say that there was a lot of work in the Backend and I did some work in the front. The Java JDK that we were using was 1.8.

Senior Java Developer

Hiberus Tecnologia | 2017 - 2018

Hiberus Tecnologia is a big business which has various branches in Spain and one in the U.K. It works with a number of businesses in Spain and some of them are well-renowned like FOX, Simply, Vodafone, Movistar, Amadeus, Ibercaja, and many others.

  • I built Java web services, one application on Angularjs and one application on Ionic.
  • I was in a section of the company which was working for Travel-IMS, a branch of Amadeus which carries out work for many travel companies. I was full stack and I used EJB, JSF, Angular and Spring. But due to the large workload of the old application, since we were still selling both versions of the app. I worked more with JSF and EJB.

Senior Developer

CPS Ingenieros | 2016-2017

CPS Ingenieros Obra Civil y Medio Ambiente S.L. is a medium-sized business which manages some branches of the General Direction of Traffic. The headquarters are situated in Valencia.

  • I built Java desk programs and Java web services. These projects were about roads and traffic-related matters.
  • I was in charge of a project which used spring web.

Junior Developer

Soluciones Informáticas Netymedia | 2012-2015

Netymedia is a small business that develops websites and custom applications.

  • Various projects and management of two servers: Linux Debian 8, Windows Server 2003.
  • I built Java desk programs, Java web apps and REST web services.
  • I built a PHP Web Service that helps emergency services in the event that a chemical business explodes.
  • This application allowed the emergency services to see the emergency plan while they are on the way to the incident, in this way, the response time is faster than before.
  • Web Development – I built websites for various clients.
  • I was accountable for several interns.


I'll post about my knowledge and some things that I discover while I’m working. I won’t post everyday because that’s impossible. I’ll try to post once per week or at least once per month.